Parenting Coaching

Parenting Coaching

We are highly trained and experienced in working with children and parents. We advocate positive reinforcement and child-centred strategies. We take an holistic approach and so may also look at other aspects such as routine, diet and exercise.

What to expect

We will take the time to listen to you to find out what you would like help with. Together we will work on personalised strategies that you can use at home. We will continue your support over a period of time to ensure that you feel confident in implementing any changes. We may offer home visits, where necessary.

We offer solution-focussed coaching as well as practical advice and training for parents and/or couples on a range of issues such as:

  • Food and nutrition - Support in ensuring you are providing a balanced diet for your children and families. 
  • Fussy eaters - Support with strategies for dealing with fussy eaters and how to improve their diets.
  • Behaviour issues - We offer one-to-one support for parents experiencing difficulties with their children's behaviour.  
  • Sleep coach - Support to help you get your little one into a good sleep routine.
  • Toilet training - We can give you practical advice and take the stress out of toilet training
  • Birth anxiety - We can help you deal with birth related anxiety so that you can enjoy the experience.
  • Breastfeeding - We can help you relax during breastfeeding which is not only important for milk-flow but will help you bond with your baby. We can also help you with any anxiety you may have related to breastfeeding.

Whatever your area of difficulty we will work with you to find the best solution for you and your family.

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